Adam Cates is a song-writing worshipper from Norfolk, Virginia. Adam’s music invites listeners into the journey of friendship with God and love for humanity. Adam says, “My goal is to fill the earth with the sound of worship that surrounds the throne of God in Heaven so that when He returns to the earth He will feel right at home.”

Adam revels in the truth that he is a work in progress and desires to love Jesus more than he ever thought he could. He and his wife Lindsey have a love for the language of The Arts and all it can speak about our beloved Creator. His music is an unashamed and unrestrained outpouring of his love for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Adam and Lindsey are the proud parents of three little warrior poets, Judah, Aidah and Levi.

Adam Cates


Bread on Water Nights at the Big House This Wilderness




Bread On Water
Adam’s debut album. As a songwriting studio project, this album reflects Adam’s thoughts on a host of topics. Songs such as "Maintown" and "Kings & Queens" offer insights on pop culture, while "Drive Me to the River" closes out the album with an all out worship anthem.

Nights At The Big House Adam’s first worship album. This album is comprised of mostly spontaneous songs, written in the moment and inspired by the Holy Spirit. This album is a worship experience leading you into intimate places of worship and deep places of intercession.

This Wilderness
A compilation of skillfully crafted songs that stimulate both the spirit and the mind to contemplate the holiness and beauty of the Trinity and how they collide with the brokeness and struggle of humanity. "This Wilderness" was produced and engineered by a long time influence of Adam's music, Kevin Prosch, at Third Ear Music Studios in Amarillo TX

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